GreenAI for sustainable steel industry

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Indalgo & GreenAI for sustainable steel industry and a more endurable world

Welcome to Indalgo and our new website. We’re proud to launch our refreshed brand alongside our new website. If you are already a customer or a close collaborator, I hope you will see a positive evolution.

We’re still very much the same company with the same idea that AI can change industry for the better. The way we do this with our customers has not changed, either. With our brand refresh we want to make our goal clearer to also those who are new to Indalgo.

Let’s start with our mission

A company without a true mission is just a money-making scheme. For many businesses that is a valid goal and reason for existing. Not for us. We believe in our ability to affect a change together with our customers and our mission is to make the world safer and more sustainable.

The steel industry has a key role in building a more sustainable future. Steel is needed to build robust and secure infrastructure. It’s a lasting component that can be recycled infinitely. But making steel has long been a threat to the climate. And that has to change.

We all know it and we all want it. And at Indalgo, we can help steel manufacturers make environmentally responsible steel.

Our promise to our customers, is also a promise to all humanity

We offer our customers an intelligent and easy way to solve the key challenges related to industrial production. We have developed an AI-based solution – GreenAI – that delivers the best roadmap for advancing the quality of their products and environmental responsibility of their production processes.

We believe that by becoming the preferred AI solution provider and most reliable development companion for the steel and manufacturing industries, we can build long-lasting advantage:

With our AI platform and algorithms as well as our extensive steel industry expertise our customers can develop environmentally responsible products that make them more appealing to their employees, customers, investors and the society.


The world will be a better place to live when all factories operate on GreenAI.

Read more about GreenAI and how we can help your business evolve.

Get in touch and let’s see what we can achieve together. 

Dr. Tech. CEO at Indalgo


[Perttu Laurinen]

[Perttu Laurinen]