Our Company – AI for the next era of manufacturing.

Indalgo, Industry of Algorithms, was established in Oulu, Finland, in 2010. The company’s background extends to the year 1998 and to R&D work done at the University of Oulu.

At Indalgo, our team of skilled data scientists is focused on mathematical problem-solving with the help of AI and analytics. We use AI methods and models to address the challenges our customers are facing.

Our Values

These principles guide us in all our pursuits, from delivering great products and services to fostering an inclusive work environment.



At our core, we foster curiosity. We relentlessly explore the frontiers of AI technology, seeking novel ways to enhance sustainability and efficiency in diverse industries. It's curiosity that drives our innovation.




Trust is the foundation of our relationships—with clients, partners, and each other. We build trust through transparency, reliability, and the delivery of AI solutions that transform production pipelines into models of sustainability and efficiency.



Respect guides our interactions and actions. We value diverse perspectives and treat every individual with dignity. Everyone at Indalgo is not only allowed but encouraged to be themselves. In developing AI solutions, we respect the unique needs and challenges of each industry we serve.




Our commitment to support runs deep. We stand by our clients throughout their journey, offering unwavering assistance in implementing AI solutions that drive sustainable and efficient production pipelines. This attitude is not only limited to how we treat our clients but extends to how we treat everyone, especially our colleagues.



In the fast-paced world of deep tech, determination is the bedrock of our success. It empowers our team to navigate intricate challenges, view setbacks as stepping stones to innovation, and drive continuous progress in the dynamic landscape of advanced technologies.


Indalgo in Numbers

Experts working to improve your operations-Years on the market – 3
13 + Years in the market


Indalgo was founded in 2010 by our CEO Perttu Laurinen after having researched these subjects at the University of Oulu. By now, our team has grown signifianctly, and consists of highly intelligent and curious individuals, who are eager to take on new challenges. 

Experts working to improve your operations-Years on the market – 4
Experts working to improve your operations


Our team consists of highly intelligent and curious individuals, who are eager to take on new challenges. A great proportion of our employees have a PhD but one of our strengths is also the diversity of backgrounds people at Indalgo have. This allows Indalgo to work extremely efficiently with the group of people we have. 


Customer retention rate – 2
Customer retention rate


Most of our clients stay with us for very long periods. The relationship between us and our clients is very much like a partnership. Our customers trust us to develop high-quality solutions and provide the maintenance and development needed. A collaborative and curious atmosphere is just what is needed to develop innovative solutions that bring our clients to a whole new level.

The human intelligence behind the AI

Meet the individuals who put human intelligence at the heart of our AI-driven solutions, fueling progress and innovation every day.

  • Since 2010 Perttu has been building Indalgo’s operations and taking care of everyday business. An inspiring visionary and a motivational optimist, he has created an environment that feeds growth.

    Perttu Laurinen

    Dr. Tech. CEO at Indalgo

  • Ilmari is a nature and insect enthusiast who has been at Indalgo since the beginning, March 2010. He leads implementation projects for customers.

    Ilmari Juutilainen

    Head of Data Analysis, D.Sc. (Tech.), M.Sc. (Mathematics)

  • With an in-depth understanding of the steel industry, and with a vast network within the industry, Petteri is an asset strong as steel to Indalgo’s project management.

    Petteri Yliniemi

    Chief Operations Officer

  • Joel Lehtikangas

    Product Manager

  • Jenni is a real multitasker taking care of financial and HR tasks. She’s an active person and an avid player of Alias, the Finnish word explanation game.

    Jenni Romppainen

    Head of Administration

  • Joni joined Indalgo in 2018 and focuses on data analytics, data collection and preparation. He is thorough and trustworthy, a competition level chess player and a board-game enthusiast.

    Joni Karjalainen

    Data Scientist, M.Sc. (Mathematics)

  • Juri joined Indalgo in 2020 and offers great insights into all problems related to data analysis. He is also a Formula 1 enthusiast and topic area expert.

    Juri Kuorelahti

    Senior Data Scientist, D.Sc. (Theoretical Physics)

  • Anna Regmi

    Data Scientist

  • Jusa joined Indalgo at the end of 2020 and his responsibilities include programming, server installations and configurations. Clever and fast, Jusa holds a wide variety of interests.

    Jusa Myrskog

    Software Engineer, B.Eng.

  • Keijo is a chess master and a true problem solver, who has worked at Indalgo since 2016 developing analytical software solutions.

    Keijo Kononen

    Senior Data Scientist, D.Sc. (Mathematics)

  • Lassi joined Indalgo in 2017 and works as a software architect. He is a brilliant man and a literature, poetry, and games enthusiast, who enjoys translating 7th century Chinese poetry.

    Lassi Miinalainen

    Senior Data Scientist, M.Sc. (Mathematics)

  • Sami is a user interface developer who initially joined Indalgo in 2015 as a part-timer. Sami is a swimmer, gym-goer and tends to drive his cars to the very end.

    Sami Lauri

    Analytics Software Developer

  • Johanna Pyy

    Data Scientist

  • Tuomo works as a software developer with an emphasis on user interfaces. He has been working at Indalgo since 2018 and is a level 40 Pokémon guru.

    Tuomo Lauri

    Analytics Software Developer

  • Jere joined Indalgo in November of 2021 to develop user interfaces. He enjoys designing and developing video games.

    Jere Vuorinen

    Software Engineer, M. SC.

  • Juho Soronen

    Data Scientist, D.Sc.

  • Always curious and enthusiastic about anything new, Teemu is interested in machine learning, cyber security and game theory. His hobbies include climbing and tai chi.

    Teemu Herttua

    Project Manager, M.Sc

  • In addition to his job as a data scientist, Simo plays chess on competitive level, is interested in Japanese culture and enjoys wandering in nature while fishing and picking berries or mushrooms.

    Simo Lehtonen

    Junior Data Scientiest, M. SC.

  • Timo works as a big data consultant for one of Indalgo’s international clients. He has won Northern Finland’s Chess Grand Prix more than once.

    Timo Lauronen

    Data scientist

  • Antti Karppinen

    Project Manager

  • Mikko Savikko

    Data Scientist Trainee

  • Jussi is an experienced fermentation hobbyist – you can often find self-made kimchi, sauerkraut and yoghurt in his kitchen. He also collects vinyl records and is an avid vinyl record DJ.

    Jussi Moilanen

    Software Developer

  • Tuomas is a big data consultant and responsible for Implementing several of the most demanding functions on the IAS platform’s engine. He is an active dog enthusiast and into popular culture.

    Tuomas Tuovinen

    Data scientist

  • Not just a good and trustworthy friend, Jorma is also a successful businessman. He sees “the forest from the trees” and directs attention to the essential.

    Jorma Hanhimäki

    Board Member

Want to join our team? 


We are always looking for new team members, so if you are interested in hearing what we can offer you, send us your resume and an open application at, and tell us about your passions and interests.
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