Transforming Steel Production

Improve your production with our AI-driven solutions tailored specifically for your needs. Discover how we can drive innovation in steel production.



Mechanical properties


We have a specialty in metallurgy and possess in-depth knowledge of steel's mechanical properties (hardness, elongation, plasticity, etc.). Our AI solutions offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional, time-consuming, and expensive lab tests. By simulating steel's mechanical properties based on your selected raw materials, we help you understand your steel better and optimize the raw materials to have the desired qualities in a cost-effective way.



Production optimization


Optimizing steel production not only reduces CO2 emissions and costs but also enhances profitability and ensures precise delivery times. Leveraging our profound understanding of steel manufacturing, our customized AI solution addresses the specific needs of the industry in the optimization process. With detailed scheduling of batch casting, we provide the competitive edge necessary to streamline throughput, manage raw materials efficiently, and elevate your overall manufacturing efficiency.



Product planning and management


Efficiently managing and controlling various grades, and all the product information, is vital. Let us craft a customized AI solution for you! Machine learning can understand your products and production constraints, providing automated suggestions based on data. No manual effort is needed. Calculate and simulate production-guiding parameters, allowing easy management, evaluation, and adjustment. This includes not only mechanical properties but also criteria for testing execution and comprehensive data management.

Strategic planning and overview-1


Strategic planning and overview


With our extensive experience in the steel industry, we bring a strategic perspective to key activities. If you're uncertain about how to enhance your production, let us assess your potential needs and create a solution tailored to improve your operations. Your vision, strategy, and goals are central to the development of our AI-based solution. This could involve evaluating your overall application architecture, devising a transformation plan, or implementing measures aligned with your objectives.

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