Leadership philosophy


Our leadership philosophy and how it manifests in day-to-day work life

As the founder and CEO of Indalgo, I have been responsible for developing our operations from day one. As I carry the responsibility for everything that happens here, I want one of those things to be continuous growth. Not just business growth but personal growth of each and every employee.

A vision that feeds inspiration

It is immeasurably rewarding for me to have succeeded in building a sustainable business based on my vision of using AI to solve complex real-world problems in industries where digitalisation can make a significant difference to future success. I believe this vision can inspire others too.

I can see how the passionate Indalgians inspire our customers to dream of bigger and better things every day. It is because they believe in what they do and the change we can achieve together. And as a result, the more inspired our customers become, the more our team needs to grow to keep them going. It’s one of those virtuous cycles for a change.

Freedom to dream and explore feeds creativity

The force that keeps that virtuous cycle spinning is freedom. Freedom to dream, to ideate, and to create. It is important to empower employees, because it is the only sustainable way to see them grow. This clearly works, as I am continuously surprised how they keep exceeding my expectations.

In the end of the day, the most valuable thing about this company is not the algorithms but the human capital! This community of experts that we have evolved into. Everyone here is a creative genius, and that inspires awe in me, in our community and in our customers.

It costs nothing to be a decent human being

Another thing I have learned from the employees is how far kindness and openness can carry. While everyone is an expert in their field, they are all incredible team-workers. There is no snobbery or one-upmanship to be seen. Their flexible and friendly attitude is astounding.

Whenever a new employee joins the team, they are always awed by how helpful everyone is and how welcome they feel among their colleagues. Even our customers have become our friends or almost part of the family.

What do the employees have to say?

For Armi, the friendliness and flexibility of the work community is worthy of notice, while for Joni the best thing is the team spirit and being able to solve problems together, when necessary. Meanwhile Johanna appreciates how the whole team is open to change and development.

Jusa appreciates the variety of the work tasks and the chance to always learn something new. Whereas Sami and Tuomo both enjoy the freedom and the responsibility offered by the low hierarchy.

Well, I think you get the point. We like it here, and while we are serious about the business, we like to keep things laid back. Now, if you’re passionate about AI and sustainable change and think you might also enjoy working here, send in an application. I’ll be happy to read through it and see how you might fit it!

If you’re not looking for work, but would appreciate help sorting out your manufacturing processes; we should talk more! Get in touch.

Dr. Tech. CEO at Indalgo


[Perttu Laurinen]

[Perttu Laurinen]